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by .NEMA

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Come to Form 02:37
Worthless. Pointless. Selfish reproduction. Religion endorsed, state sponsored mass scale procreation. Earth scourge human plague destroys planet's splendor. Wretched swarm comes to form our total eradication.
We choose the same lifestyle we condemn. So fucking ineffectual, lost in ourselves. Charade of independence, just for play. Self-glorification, image on sale. Sorry excuses for thoughtless tradition. One step further on the ladder to becoming what you despise. Youth subculture once again. You say you will tear it down, but your motives are not the same. It's just a fucking show. So caught up in self shit, full of nothing but empty threats. You can dress up and paint your face, but it won't change what is taking place. Perpetual state of going nowhere pretending to be some conspiracy. Could be so much more than an elitist cult without pettiness to fuck things up. Think of what you want this to be or live the same mistakes again.
Evident 01:24
Greed-spawned slaughter and disease. Integral part of our history. Our one damning lasting legacy. Avarice and cruelty given such legitimacy. Lies, half-truths festering in textbooks. Condemn Nazis but commit the same atrocity. They try to hide death, but the truth is all too evident. In mass graves and decimated culture spanning across the continent. Arrogance and bigotry from sea to fucking shining sea. Perpetuate this death culture. Manifesting, manufacturing genocidal destiny. Greed-spawned disease-slaughter. Perpetuate this death culture. Stolen history. Lies. Never to be seen...
Sarajevo 02:09
This is shit. Your life consists of nothing. Consume what has been set before you. You're controlled, a lifeless simulation. In mass marketed rebellion, you are fucking slaves. Conditioned to obey, and we have. To build culture (or consumers)? Ensured that you are pacified, with conscience of enforced morals. And proceeding in lockstep. Stagnate in your worthless lives.
Sometimes 02:37
Sometimes these things happen quite naturally. These bits and pieces in a box, from a childhood you were never a part of. You are left with nothing, nothing at all but dreams and decay. A snap of the neck and the essence is life betrayed. It happened to the angel, wings torn out and thrown back to earth. You're old. You're dying with dreams and decay.


First Press: 1500 copies with 12-page booklet (1200 with 2-color handscreened cover, 300 with sticker covers), 300 came with 'REJECTED' bible page, .NEMA sticker and 'Terry'.

Council Records No. 8


released January 1, 1996



all rights reserved



.NEMA Detroit, Michigan

Gates of Morning. Doors of NIght.

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