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Bring Our Curses Home

by .NEMA

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Ford 02:44
The same ideals spurred a world to war only it was applied to the wealth and the power of an industry born of Ford's institution. Inspiring a man and his final solution. Forced interaction, assembly lines. A mirror overseas 5th column. 3rd Reich. The west will be white, population controlled. Segregated land ensures a free home. A dictatorship in it's latest form. National Socialism Built Ford Tough. Factory lines increase our worth. Independent Dearborn of Aryan birth. Their methods have wrought inhuman conditions in factory lines and powers of axis. A mechanical life by piston or gun. The next genocide where quality is job one. Behind the scenes not everything is as it seems. The CEO is a fascist so who is the enemy. Automated blitzkrieg, the backbone of your factory. bigots from pulpit have carried out your ministry.
Mundane 02:29
Enter this with an appraisal of my worth. Monthly payments, increasing debt keep this standing still. And... the air I breathe is where I stand. I owe my soul to the company store and spend my days as a corporate whore. Sell yourself to a mundane life. Sacrifice days one at a time for more worthless ornamentation. Money keeps everything so content. So proud of bought luxuries, so unaware of lacking will. End your week with empty hands. Never escaping home grown roots.
So irrelevant. integrity spent on corporate acceptance. Past rhetoric still there, but you'll never dare support such statements, Lies, This facade is a ploy, an obscene gesture. I don't buy, this propensity for pandering to those who enforce banality. Somewhere in this cycle there's me and you, the biggest prizes for the biggest fools.
One-tenth of the pay you it on the outside. There is no minimum wage or union on the inside. Maximum capacity the bottom line. A favorable profit. Imprisoned for minor crimes. Punishment for unemployment. Prison walls attain more profit. Come work for us. We have built this facility for you to enjoy cheap forced labor. Your life was a prison. only the bars are new. Come work for us.
Minions 01:34
A faithful servant. blind to conspiracy. Sworn to uphold this façade of legitimacy. Loyal...a pledge so loyal. Minion, just following orders. Rewarded while resources are hoarded. And the fruits of your labors have squandered the lives of millions. Fucked over and hopeless. Ensnared by your empty promise of health. wealth. and prosperity. Deceived and left with nothing. Your conscious has been siphoned. And replaced with lust for power and acceptance. Betrayal of trust.
This is shit. Your life consists of nothing. Consume what's been set before you. You're controlled; a lifeless simulation. In mass marketed rebellion, you are fucking slaves. Conditioned to obey. And we have. To build culture? Or consumers? Ensured that you're pacified with conscience of enforced morals. And proceeding in lockstep. Stagnate in your worthless lives.
4077 03:50
Quote me a price. For my pathetic devotion. Dole out the prize. bribe us into submission. Anesthetize. Increase the pressure. Lobotomize. To obey word for word. Born, trained, ingrained with nationalistic lust. It's assumed that you are prepared to prove your manhood. But it isn't always implied in their mission statement that they would rather see you die than admit your human worth. Replenish supplies for war's cannon fodder.
Talk of my rights preoccupied with limitations. Show me deeds of ownership of words on Ink and paper bind my life in this belief that; decisions created are applied in equity to all. How can laws form my will? Laws. Deed. Rights Title. Bind this.
Fall 02:46
Far below the deepest delvings, expedience the world it gnaws. Deceivers deceive the deceiving. Anvil wrought. Barriers set, untold unseen. A weariness in the heart, begins forsaking. Where the will wants not a way opens. We must away ere break of day. To find what was long forgotten. Enforce the mundane. Birth the obscene, repeat the same. Words from forked tongues have no meaning Aiii!! BARUK KHAZAD, KHAZAD AIMENU. Many sorrows befall, returned beyond all hope. Which might be lies is what is sought. Covetous thoughts control our worth. Greed. Corruption lured aside. Designed with words to help you deny. Burdened with time by words that we've bought. Treacherously idle as good sense revolts. Muster, awaken to all that is known. Yet still we continue to bring our curses home.
Look deep inside. Do you like what you see? Twisted burnt ash. Burning memories of the past. A cold hand on your shoulder. A colder voice in your ear. Feed the demons feast the demons. They whisper what you want to hear. Look toward the sky. Blink and it slips away. One more gllrnpse. Before dirt covers light of day.
Lidless Eye 01:15
Under the sign of the lidless eye minions stir within Sauron's empire. Awakened denizens assail with might under the sign of the Lidless Eye. The moon is dead on this mogul night. His long dark reach rouses plague of wights. The king shall return as marvels told. Returned exiles will bring our curses home. A mogul host to storm Gondor tonight. The blood of kings will soon mingle with mine.
Paralyzed 01:56
Become paralyzed. You can't hide from fear. For the lowest common thread we dump ourselves into the grave. For a new economical trend we lose another limb. Come now witness our greatest decline. Paralyzed. A spineless existence to keep you in line.
Such monolithic structures cannot block my frustrations. Failed attempts at enclosure will not quell my mounting anger. Crush the mold of inhibition. Won't submit to this drain of power. Lifeless drone of acquiescence will no longer buy my silence. Subtle control as life unfolds - difference is viewed with scorn. Windows closed, freedom imposed. Sense of self is stolen. Concrete walls and urban sprawl can't deny nature. Perhaps someday will crumble, fall. Grasp and regain power.
Falsehood 01:11
There's no basis for your truth. Just ancient superstition, that's your proof. Limit yourself in fear of judgement such obvious falsehoods control your life. Righteousness, piousness. subservience. Religion-cult, total addiction. Age-old tradition clouds your perceptions.
Estate 02:02
Thronefuck - ever so generously donated from the pocket of your fathers estate. And you being the Brownshirts. the ants, the drones, the sheep. The machine that clicks and rotates and dings. Just like, come on in, gather around this table, ever so generously donated. And you being the law the crooks, the colonizers. the book. Living vicariously through the statements of others. Foundation denied. Built so unbeautifully, inside your defined boundaries of monuments. ribbon. iron, and ownership. To preserve the unstoppable army of four, quit talking about your accomplishments. Quit speaking of our collectiveness. our commonalities. quit singing. Your music is one of prefabrication. Of brick encrusted mortar. An ego-trip that suits for masturbation. manufactured elsewhere. Of fine precision. of fine persuasion. of deception. No insurrection. no liberation. no substance. Just sound.


Originally released on Sound Pollution Records (Pollute 044). Songs 13-14 were only released as extra tracks on the CD version. Songs 15-17 were on the split with Warfare State (Schwarma Records/Hardcore Noisies).


released June 1, 1998



all rights reserved



.NEMA Detroit, Michigan

Gates of Morning. Doors of NIght.

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